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Union County Historical Society

The Union County Historical Society was founded in 1989 to involve the people of our region who are interested in history and genealogy in an effort to better understand that history and its relationships to Kentucky and American history. The Society believes that knowing the history of Union County helps us to appreciate our heritage and encourages us to implement the ideas of these great pioneers and citizens who came before us.

The Society has several functions. The first function is to collect material relative to the history of our county concerning the early explorations, Indian life, settlement, industries, agriculture, evolvement, government, wealth, education, architecture and personalities to encourage the comprehensive research and writing of local history.

The second function of the Society is to collect books, pamphlets, artifacts, paintings, maps, portraits, handbills, manuscripts and souvenirs of the past in order to create a museum for the use of the community and visitors to our area.

Thirdly, the Society wants to collect and share our information with anyone who is interested in the genealogy, oral history and cemetery records of Union County.

The Society would also like to preserve, as far as possible, and encourage others to value buildings and structures integral to the history of the County and State.

Marking sites involved in community development is another area of interest to the Society.

Finally, the Society wants to share the knowledge gained in these pursuits with the citizens of the Commonwealth through publications, pageants, programs, addresses and involvement in the Kentucky Historical Society and the Kentucky Genealogy Society programs.

Source, "The Constitution of the Union County Historical Society".

Contact The Breckinridge Museum for more information.

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