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Various Dates and Facts

July   1, 1942         1570 Service Unit Command Headquarters at Boxville, KY 

                                 101st A/B Division activated at Camp Breckinridge

Aug.  13, 1942       First troops arrived for training at Breckinridge, 98th Division

Oct.  15, 1942        92nd Division activated at Breckinridge, 392nd Combat Group 

Feb.  15, 1943        WAC units arrive at Breckinridge - 300 women

May   26, 1943       1000 POWs arrive from Tunisia

Sept.  7, 1943         98th Division leaves Breckinridge under M/Gen. Pau Ranson

Sept. 15, 1943        83rd Division arrives at Breckinridge from Camp Atterbury

April  5, 1944          83rd Division leaves Breckinridge

April 15, 1944         75th Division Arrives

Nov.  12, 1944        75th Division Leaves

Oct.  18, 1945         German POW's donate $14,000 to the International Red Cross

Nov.   9, 1945         First German POW leaves Breckinridge for Germany

1948                       Camp Breckinridge reopened for Korea. The 101st was stationed here for training. 

1954                       Camp Breckinridge closed after the Korean War

1954-1963             It was used for summer tanning for 4,500 National Guard troupes

1963                     The US Government start to sell Camp Breckinridge land

1965                    Job Corp buys some of the buildings to build the school

German POWs who Died At Breckinridge

Stefan Mollmier

Peter Heinz

Sell F. Helmut

Joseph Kainzner

Daniel Meyer

Died  3/23/43

Died  4/21/43

Died  2/27/44

Died 11/17/44

Died  9/27/45

Private Joseph Mosby, age 27, was the first American soldier to die at Camp Breckinridge. He died on the tenth of September 1942 of appendicitis.

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