Welcome to The James D. Veatch Camp Breckinridge Museum and Arts Center.

Located in the heart of Union County in beautiful Western Kentucky, The Camp Breckinridge Museum and Arts Center is a historical treasure! Preserved and maintained by the people of Union County, to be shared with you, our guests. 

We hope that, after your visit to our site, you will make Union County a Must See location 

We are having a Yard Sale of things that were found while cleaning.  We are open Monday-Friday 8-3. 

We will be open for weddings in May. We are looking into opening for April. We will keep you updated as soon as we find out.  

We will keep you posted of any news. 

We are open M-F 10-3pm

Call 270-389-4420 if you have

any questions. 

(c) James D. Veatch Breckinridge Museum & Arts Center, 2000-2015

1116 N. Village Road Morganfield, KY 42437
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